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fatima Groups are purposely small and kept to a maximum of six students per group.

horse Spanish and Andalusian Horseback riding.

peopleclass Forming part of the course is a FREE refreshment and conversation class in our beautiful café.
1. Conversation Courses

Our Spanish conversation courses enable the student to communicate in Spanish in order to verbally communicate and socialise. Not only will you learn to talk about yourself, express your opinions and talk about past and present experiences, but you will also be able to do so articulately and with confidence, as all our conversation courses incorporate grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation support which is contextualised accordingly. Forming part of the course is a FREE refreshment and conversation class in our beautiful café, therefore creating a real situation, for people who want to SPEAK real Spanish!

2. Official Exams: D.E.L.E. (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language at various levels - D.I.E., D.B.E. & D.S.E.)

These courses are recognised as a language requirement for courses in further study or higher education and are also a proof of competency. The Diploma consists of four parts, listening, reading, writing and speaking. Our experienced and highly qualified teachers will prepare you to take the course in order that you may pass the diploma. In the course you will practise and improve the language you will be tested on in the exam.

3. Spanish for Business

After attending one of our business courses, not only will you be more effective in your job but you will also be able to communicate more coherently and with great ease, as our business courses are practical and focus on communication skills in all the business situations you may find yourself in:
  • Socialising and small talk at business lunches/dinners
  • Business meetings
  • Making telephone calls

  • Description and analyses of statistics, diagrams, graphs
  • Business Presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Problem solving

4. Spanish Themed Classes

Whether your love of Spain is for the wonderful Andalusian horses, sun-drenched beaches, appetizing gastronomy or exquisite wines, we have combined your passion for Spain with language learning:
  • Spanish and Andalusian Horseback riding
    On horseback you will visit and explore the most picturesque scenes of Sierra Nevada, stop off for a typical country meal and continue your adventure - with an official guide.
  • Spanish and Andalusian Gastronomy
    We will take you to the most exquisite of Andalusian restaurants in order that you may delight in the superbly presented and mouth watering dishes of Andalusian and Moorish cuisine.
  • Spanish, Sun and Sea
    If you like the beach why not get your bucket and spade ready and practise your Spanish in the sun. Thanks to Granada´s proximity to the beach your journey to one of Granada´s beaches only takes 35 minutes by car.
  • Spanish and Wine
    Spain has some of the finest wines and we are able to take you on a visit to Granada´s most exquisite "Bodegas" typical Andalusian wine bars. Where your palate will enjoy the varied flavours of Finos, Tempranillos, Vinos de la Costa and Tintos all accompanied by delicious FREE Tapas.


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